Enjoy dancing..? Think you might enjoy dancing...?  

Join the Cosmopolitan Club.

We are a private organization formed in 1963 as a social dance club to provide its members an opportunity to enjoy good music and dancing among friends and neighbors at a reasonable cost.

From its beginnings at the Hotel Woodruff, OUR MISSION continues to be: to offer an evening of simple elegance while enjoying dinner, music and dancing. Venues selected for our dances are top rated facilities known for their great cuisine and dance floors.

No matter your SKILL LEVEL, accomplished dancers or just beginners, couples have found our dances to be great venues for enjoying the evening. While the dances of choice in its early years were primarily Fox Trot, Swing and Waltz, the dances of choice have grown to include many of the Latin rhythms. 


We SCHEDULE five dances per year during September, October, January, February and March. The music is provided by some of the best dance groups in central New York, selected based on their capability to provide music for a wide range of different dance rhythms.

Club dances are considered FORMAL AFFAIRS with men wearing formal attire or dark suits. Ladies wear formal or semi-formal evening attire.

GUEST PRIVILEGES are available at any dance for $30 plus the cost of dinner.