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 "Sadly, after 59 years, the Watertown Cosmopolitan Dance Club held a final dance on September 24, 2022 at the Watertown Elks Club and has currently become inactive.

Thank you to all our past and present members for choosing to dance with us over the years. Your support and donation of leadership time has been greatly appreciated. Be sure and check in with the website and our Facebook page, should further updates regarding the club develop.

Also, for all who love to dance, the club website will be providing updated information on lessons and monthly dances conducted by Maria and Tom Cesta via their Facebook page, Everyday Ballroom and any additional opportunities to dance locally will be posted when available."

If you are not seeing the club's Facebook News Feed, it is because Facebook changed its rules. You now must be logged in to Facebook to see the News Feed.

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Would you like to learn ballroom dancing? 

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